Ints trading Inc. has been established April 1 of 2001 importing mechanical, electrical components for, Railway, Aerospace,
Military defence and so on.


We have been joining development of LCH / LAH
High speed train (KTX Ⅱ) of new projects and supplying KUH, Selp-propelled
Howitzer, High building elevator, KTX maintenance parts.


Gradually, expanding our business to Aerospace project like B737, A350,
ERJ170 and offshore platform, FPSO, we will do our best to contribute
real Korean industrial achievements and partners benefit.


According to acceleration of scientific civilization development, the cycle
of technical evolution is shorter and shorter, but Ints will do its activity with
reliability and sincerity.


In addition, Ints is in pursuit of mutual benefits through simplified connection
and direct communication, both supplier and customers’ intention will be
transmitted precisely and rapidly.


Among hundreds and thousands of informations and fields, we really
appreciated to visit our website.


Ints will work effectively to be your best partner.


Director Seung Geun Jung

Ints trading Inc.