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Flatover operation consists of the the assembly of a preinstalled jacket with the a deck built onshore. The deck is loaded on a special vessel or on a barge and sailed to the jacket off shore site.

In the jacket legs elastomeric shock absorber are installed able to resist to high loads (1,000 to 10,000 tons) having a deflection from 200 mm to 1,000 mm.

The barge/vessel is positioned between the jacket legs.

The barge/vessel is ballasted and the deck slowly mated with jacket legs. The shock absorbers also called LMU-Leg Mating Unit-provide a smooth contact between the two structure avoiding shock.

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HHI(Lan Tay, Rong-Doi, EGIP-3B, Umm-Shaif Projects)
SHI( Shakalin Ⅱ Project)

"Electronic equipments is often considered for use in environments which are far from compatible with their original design specifications.
Even if the equipment survives initial vibration testing, the life expectancy and reliability will be considerably reduced unless suitable protection is provided."

Equipments installed in military vehicles, ships and aircrafts is subjected to severe shock conditions.

In order to offer a well considered, commercial and technical solution to our customers problems supported by the extensive resources,

Engineering : To identify the appropriate technology to satisfy the customer's requirements.
Design : The design of mounting systems and components to meet the customer's specification
Product : Elastomer to metal bonded products manufactured to the highest quality in silicone, fluoro-silicone, polybutadiene, polychloroprene, natural rubber. All metal mountings.

Quality : To stringently control quality to the standards required in the Aerospace, Defence and Petro-chemical industries. Approved to ISO 9001, TS 157
Test : To evaluate mounting system and component response statically and dynamically.