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JPR's strengths :
→ Transformation and making of high performance elastomers reinforced with technical fabrics.
→ Design and manufacture of parts or complex assemblies according to the required size.
→ Quantities of production available in either prototype or in series.
→ A Spirit and a Quality Service that have been proven in the Aviation field for 40 years.
→ Our approvals : Certificate EN/AS 9100, DGAC production approval.
Boeing 737, 787, 767, 777, Airbus 350, 320, Sukhoi SuperJet100, KUH

Le JOINT FRANCAI, Special Markets and Products Division means:
→ The in-depth knowledge of Rubber material:
  -More than 2000 compound formulae
  -Development of new formula on demand
  -Research and Development in new sealing systems

→ Wide knowledge of our professions:
  -Elaboration and implementation of compounds
  -Precision moulding
  -Tailoring with or without coated fabrics

→ A quality assurance programme from the design to the delivery which is confirmed by homologation and qualification
of large European companies
  -Attestation RAQ2
  -Attestation AQF2
  -ISO certification 9002
  -NATO CODE F0229

→ An industrial activity using a wide range of machinery and implementing all the rubber techniques: mixing, calendering cutting, extrusion, moulding, tailoring, welding, glueing, vulcanized adhesion, moulding with metallic insert.

Our marketing, research and development, Production, quality control departments collaborate in order to:
  -Respond to the customers request and suggest the best technical solution
  -Be at their customers' service to respect the delivery time and quality

 This outlines materials and products from Special Markets and Products Division of LE JOINT FRANCAIS  (LJF/SMP).