Lightweight, powerful, rechar geable flashlight
with super-tough, non-conductive nylon polymer
construction that makes it virtually indestructible.


LIGHT SOURCE: Xwnon gas-filled bi-pin bulbwith 30 hour life.
Spare stored in the end cap.Vaiable spot to flood beam.

LENS: Unbreak able poly carbonate with scratch-resistant coating.

DUTPUT: 11,000 acndela peak beam intensity and 210m beam
dis tance when focused to spot. 90 lumens measured system output.

BATTERY: 3 call, 3.6 volt nickel-cadmium sub-C battery
rechar geable up to 1,000 times.

ON/OFF: push-button head switch. Momentary or constant om.

FEATURES: IPX4 reted design; water resistant operation. Serialized
for positive identification. Snap-in char ger holder that mounts in
any position. LED charge-continuity indicator on charger holder.

DIMENSIONS: LxWxD: 7.34" x 1.67" x 1.15" (18.7 x 4.24 x 2.92 cm)

WEIGHT: 8.7 oz(247g)

COLOR: Black, Yellow or Olive Drab